Customer Information

Customer Information

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Customer Portal Access

As of March 2023, Ridgenet Network Group will be moving to a new customer management system. The old system, Repairshopr will be phased out and no longer monitored for service or support requests. We ask all customers to use the new Accelgrid platform to access their account, support tickets and billing accounts.

Accelgrid can be accessed by simply going to the address in your internet address bar, Customers must call Ridgenet Network Group at 606-280-9815 to request access and setup a online profile to login to your account for the first time.

Billing Dates

All Ridgenet Network  Group monthly billing dates are scheduled for the 18th of every month. If you have a recurring billing cycle setup with us, please make a note of the billing date of the 18 of each month.

Discontinued Services/Products

Ridgenet Network Group as of January 2022 will no longer provide Residential Internet Services. Only Businesses or Governmental Agencies will be accepted to quote or supply with Internet Services. If you already have Residential service, we will continue to provide the service to you.

Ridgenet Network Group will no longer provide VoIP for Residential customers. Only Businesses or Governmental Agencies will be accepted to quote or supply with Internet Services.

Ridgenet Network Group as of January 2023 will no longer support Managed IT Services for customers that have less than 3 computers on a network, or customers whom do not have a need for Managed IT Services. If you already have Managed IT Services with us we will still continue to support you, as long as you have a valid support agreement in place. Please contact us at 606-280-9815 for more details or for information on exceptions to this new policy.