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Federal Signal Pathfinder Remote Siren/Light Controller


***This item has a 4-8 week lead time for customized orders***


  • 100/200 W siren and light controller with PA and noise-canceling microphone
  • Built-in dual-tone capability when used with
  • (2) speakers
  • Built-in Rumbler® traffic clearing capability
  • Optional FS Vehicle Integration/On-Board Diagnostics Integration (OBDII)
  • Programmable timer feature
  • Siren tones, PA, Radio Rebroadcast and Air Horn
  • Library of selectable siren tones includes SmartSiren®, Unitrol™, PA300 and Powercall siren tones
  • Horn Ring Transfer and Park Kill
  • Backlit LEDs on control faceplate emulate SignalMaster™ directional warning operation
  • (7) programmable inputs and (12) programmable solid-state relay outputs
  • Convergence Network Configuration Software allows for easy customization of siren and light controls
  • (2) FS Convergence Network ports
  • Standard voice messages available in English, Spanish and French Canadian to broadcast alerts. Custom voice messages available for an additional fee
  • Five-year warranty

Listen to Siren Tones and Messages

Download Convergence Network Software