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SIP Trunking Services in Central Kentucky

Bring the best of VoIP to your communications. What is SIP trunking? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP trunk lines represent the number of simultaneous calls to the public telephone network that can be made at the same time. SIP trunk lines are the virtual equivalent of lines coming in from the phone company or channels on a T1, Cable, or Fiber Circuits.

  • Why a SIP Trunk Solution?
  • Great service with low rates
  • Who needs SIP Trunks?
  • SIP Trunk Features

Ridgenet delivers powerful functionality to your new or existing phone system, helping to reduce your phone and internet costs with competitive rates and one plan for voice and data. If you already have a substantial investment in PBX or key system equipment, on boarding with Ridgenet you can take advantage of VoIP features and cost savings.

Lines can easily be added or removed as your business needs fluctuate, SIP Trunks enable your business to create a more scalable solution for the growth of your network.

Ridgenet offers SIP Trunking that can provide a cost saving solution for companies, even if they have an investment in traditional premise-based phone system equipment.

Our SIP trunks are officially certified on the Avaya, Grandstream, 3CX, Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink platforms. We also can support any device using SIP capabilities not listed here.

Ridgenet SIP Trunking is a powerful, scalable and highly flexible solution enabling SMBs to streamline costs and resources, while retaining quality of service standards for business communications. Our SIP Trunks are affordably priced per trunk line and offer competitive per minute, bundled, and unlimited calling plans.

SIP Trunks are ideal for:

  • Reduced expenses from traditional phone services
  • Combining voice and data over a single connection
  • Connecting multiple locations anywhere in the world
  • Easily managing additions and changes on your network
  • Preserving your investment in existing phone system equipment

SIP Trunk features include:

  • US and Canada phone numbers, covering 97% of North America
  • North America toll free including Canada
  • International toll free for 100+ countries
  • International DID coverage for 60+ countries
  • On-network calls are free
  • E-911 service for US and Canada numbers
  • Automatic failover to IP or phone number provided

SIP Trunk Pricing

SIP Trunk Pricing
  • Unlimited Calling
  • 2 Numbers Included
  • Keep Your Number - $25.00 Fee Applies
  • Add-on Trunks $24.95mo
per month
DID Pricing
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Keep Your Numbers - $25.00 Fee Applies
  • Add-on DID $5.00mo
per month
Whole Sale
Call For Pricing
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Porting Requests
  • Large Scale SIP Trunks
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